This is perhaps one of the most difficult stock markets to make a living off, at least in the last seven years. It seems every trick in the trader’s money making handbook has stopped working. Buying new 52 week highs, well there are none! Moving average breakouts, sure go ahead and five minutes after you enter the play you will be stopped out! How about buying stocks with tight stops? Again, go for it and watch as your buy and cover stops hit 30 seconds before the trade runs your way! Yes it’s ANNOYING and yes it is getting old. Still, there is ONE way I have found that has been consistently working over the last few months and I’m giving it to your free today!

The market is stuck in a trading range right now. 10k is the top and 8k the bottom. ETF’s have been a great way to play the large moves seen on a daily basis. ETFS or Electronic Traded Funds are baskets of stocks in a sector. The QQQQ is the ETF of the Nasdaq 100, the DIA follows the Dow Jones, the USO follows the moves in oil prices. There are literally hundreds of ETF’s for every sector and subsector. I personally prefer the ones of the major indices such as the NASDAQ, Dow Jones and S&P 500. When the market moves to 8600 or below buy the DIA or QQQQ and sell when the Dow gets to 9200 or above. When the Dow moves about 9500 you go short. For more sophisticated traders buying options works great! This SIMPLE trading plan has yielded several winning trades in the last month and is a strategy you can employ without little effort. I’m annoyed I didn’t try this sooner!

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