This article is totally unrelated to the stock market but it is impossible to ignore this “story” the media is trying to create. NEWS is a business these days. Whether the news is true or not it is the eyeballs a story generates that matters. Anyone with half a brain knew that once Obama won the election a big deal would be made of racial tensions. Much to the chagrin of the mainstream media America has grown up. We elected the first non-white President in the history of this country and race wars did not start. The nation barely blinked (in a good way!) It was for all intents a non-event. Despite this the news media is trying to a create a story where there is none. Right now there is an article circulating discussing the “hundreds” of racial incidents since the election. What counts as one of these incidents? How about an AP story this weekend about a NINE YEAR OLD girl who heard another boy her age say” I hope Obama gets assassinated”. This is what one of the incidents is? Not to discount what has happened but one can easily see a story is being created by the media here. Stir the racial pot and get viewers and readers. This is shameful. Our country has grown up. It’s about time the news media did!
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