1. Announce a Treasury Secretary as soon as possible. The quicker we have our new guy in the quicker the market can get comfortable (Summers!)
  2. Bail Out GM and F immediately. Politically incorrect but look what happened to the market when we let Lehman go bankrupt. A GM bankruptcy would cause massive unemployment and destroy a fragile financial system.
  3. Pick our new SEC Chief NOW. Again the quicker we know who is in charge the quicker things may change for the positive.
  4. Modify the Paulson Bailout Plan IMMEDIATELY! Tell the market what changes you would make to this poorly executed plan
  5. MAKE BANKS LEND! The main reason the bailout package is a failure is we really are just bailing out banks. We are giving banks TAXPAYER money and not requiring them to lend it out! THIS ANNOYS ME!
  6. Hire at least TWO Republicans for your Cabinet. This would send a HUGELY positive message to Wall Street.
  7. Get the new bailout plan formalized ASAP. A LARGE stimulus package for individuals that goes out January 21, 2009 and a LARGE infrastructure rebuild plan.
  8. Tell Americans we need to SPEND if we can. This worked in 2001 and WILL work again. People respect you and will follow your lead. Give us HOPE!
  9. Make it be known that your Administration wants a STRONG DOLLAR. Give the world another reason to invest in the US again.
  10. Drop the capital gains tax rate for the next 12 months and THEN raise it. Give the money on the sideline a reason to get into the market NOW.